TOsketchfest - Moving to March 2013

TOsketchfest is moving to March

TOsketchfest is springing forward!

For the last seven years, The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival has kicked off Toronto’s winter in comedy with our November festival. A big, exciting change is in the works… Moving forward, like a chinook of hilarity, TOsketchfest will kick off your spring! TOsketchfest is moving to March.

“But wait – will there be a TOsketchfest this November?” you ask. Nope. There are some very exciting changes afoot for the next edition of Toronto’s favourite comedy festival, including a new two-week format, so we’re confident it’ll be worth the wait.

Don’t despair – we’re planning a little something special for November too.  More on that to come.

As a result of the change to our schedule, we’re opening a second application window for new acts to be considered, or for acts whose schedule better fits the new spring festival calendar. Applications are open now, closing November 18th. Click here to apply.

Join us March 7-17, 2013 for 11 days of the best scripted comedy in North America.