Alley of Nightmares

Troupe of the Day: Alley of Nightmares

Have you ever had a dream, a dream about a place that’s not day or night, and you’re standing there, and you’re scared…and then you see a face, a face so frightening you hope to never see it outside of a dream? Today’s Troupe of the Day, Alley of Nightmares, wants to be your sketch comedy equivalent of that face.

Nightmares is a sketch comedy creature from the black lagoon, based on classic horror anthologies (think Tales From The Crypt meets Twilight Zone). They describe their shows as “hilariously horrifying,” tackling a range of macabre topics from killer clowns to alien abductions.

Like many a menacing creature, Alley of Nightmares emerged from the pit..or rather, the PIT: Philly Improv Theatre. With a super-troupe status featuring many members from Philly’s most beloved and  sketch troupes, and a writing team between whom there are too many awards and comedy accreditations to count, Alley of Nightmares is sure to entertain you in a way that maybe you’ve only dreamed about…in a nightmare! (BooOOOoooo! (Ghost noises))


Catch these sketchy spooks March 14th and March 15th at Comedy Bar!