Ned and Dave

Troupe of the Day: Ned & Dave

Ned & Dave are today’s Troupe of the Day! These two funny fellows bring offbeat ideas and on-point chemistry whenever they’re sharing a stage, and we’re happy to have them back at Sketchfest for the second time!

Perhaps not shockingly, Ned & Dave is made up of a Ned and a Dave, (surnames Petrie and Tichauer, respectively). Both of these gents have found a lot of success writing comedy, with Tichauer having written for CBC radio as well as several webseries, and Petrie was a writer for TheScore, as well as an on-air personality for CBC Radio’s Day 6.

TOsketchfest certainly isn’t their first sketch festival rodeo, either; having performed at the Chicago and Montreal Sketchfests as well. And both have been nominated for Canadian Comedy Awards for their work in another sketch troupe. Needless to say, Ned & Dave are very good at what they do: making audiences laugh.

Investigate their inventive sketches, March 7 and March 8 at Comedy Bar!