Last Call Cleveland

Troupe of the Day: Last Call Cleveland

Did somebody say Last Call? Last Call Cleveland is the Troupe of the Day, and they’re coming to you all the way from…you guessed it…Cleveland, Ohio.

Last Call Cleveland tours nationally as a sketch group, and has been a longtime favorite of the internets with their web shorts. They’ve got hundreds of videos online, including a series  called “Man In The Box”, but also dabble in musical comedy (like the all-too-true short below).

Their current four-man cast is Aaron McBride, Matt Zitelli, Mark McKenzie and Mike Polk (the latter of whom once sang a song he wrote about Kim Kardashian to none other than Kim Kardashian… on Telemundo).

In their hometown, these guys have always been a hit –since 2003, they’ve been named Best Live Comedy of Best Sketch Troupe many times over by various committees. Aeck, TOsketchfest even named them one of our selections for Best of the Fest in 2009.

Be sure you see these guys before last call! March 7th and March 8th at Comedy Bar!