Cupid Players

Troupe of the Day: The Cupid Players

Nope, it’s not Valentine’s day, but we’ve got some love for Chicago’s comedy cherubs, The Cupid Players! If you want to know more then get more info here!

These guys are huge in Chicago, having been around for eleven years and still going strong. They’re also huge in a more literal sense, with a current cast of 18! Staples of the Chicago Sketchfest, Cupid Players have also hit up LA, New York, and Seattle Sketchfests, and now, TOsketchfest for the first time.

Directed by Brian Poesen, who has over 20 years experience in the Chicago theatre scene wearing pretty much al the metaphorical hats possible, the Cupid Players consistently bring high-energy hilarity to their choreographed musical comedy numbers.

Come get blown away, before The cupid Players get blown back to the windy city! TONIGHT! March 6th, and TOMORROW, March 7th at Comedy Bar!