Troupe of the Day: Bri-Ko

Today’s Troupe of the Day is Bri-Ko, and they’re guaranteed to be like nothing you’ve seen before! Unless you’ve had the please of seeing them before, of course. Even if you have, you’ve certainly never heard them–because Bri-Ko’s sketch is all silent. All the time.

Combining clown and sketch into a delightfully ridiculous farce is Brian Posen, Brian Peterlin and Tim Soszko’s specialty, as they draw the audience in to a world so well-developed and accessibly silly, they won’t even notice nothing was spoken.

Hailing from Chicago, the trio are all Second City alumni , two of them are current instructors, and all are staples of the sketch scene, with Posen even founding Chicago’s very own Sketchfest, going strong at thirteen years!

If you think you’ve seen everything sketch comedy has to offer, be prepared to eat your words when these guys show you how funny they can be without them!

Catch Bri-ko TONIGHT! March 7th , 8pm and TOMORROW! Saturday March 8th, 8pm at the Lower Ossington Theatre!