MARCH 6-17 #TOsketchfest24

Comedy Incubator

A photograph of an empty pre-show stage w/ purple and blue stage lighting and an illuminated "Rudy" logo projected onto the stage floor. Text overlaid reads CANADA'S COMEDY INCUBATOR

The Need

Canada has a long and celebrated history in comedy. As a nation we’ve produced some of comedy’s biggest stars recognized the world over. But within the arts and culture funding ecosystem, the pursuit of the comedic arts remains unsupported. Unlike theatre, dance and opera, comedy is not seen as worthy of support.

Canadian comedians continue to need an ally: a patron to support new comedic voices; a champion to showcase and celebrate this work; an onramp to careers in comedy and entertainment; a place to make connections; and an opportunity to earn income by giving audiences the joy of laughter.

TOsketchfest is Canada’s Comedy Incubator

The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival is that ally. TOsketchfest is a registered charity (824216808 RR 0001) – one of Canada’s only charities dedicated to fostering and developing Canadian comedic voices. We deliver on this mandate in many ways:

  • by producing big public showcases for Canadian comedy
  • by creating free, or low-cost workshops, panels and networking events for comedy creators to improve, learn and advance their careers
  • by developing new comedy audiences, and stimulating comedy creation in new markets
  • by direct funding for comedy projects

2024 Goal

Our goal is to raise $20,000 in donations this season to ensure that The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival can continue to be the ally that comedy creators in Canada need.


Considering a larger gift? Reach out to Paul Snepsts, TOsketchfest Executive Director –

The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival Inc. is a provincially registered charity:
824216808 RR 0001


2023 Donors:

This list includes gifts made between July 1st 2022 and June 30, 2023. Please let us know if there is an error or omission.

Anonymous, The County Cider Company, Paul and Julianne Snepsts

Anonymous, Robert Knox

Guled Abdi, Charles Armstrong, Christopher Baragar, Tim Blair, Jim JJ Johnston, Peter Hill, Damien Nelson, Megan Mackeigan, John Petcoff, Will Samson-Doel, Susan + Tim

Anonymous x2, Braeden Banks, Paul Constable, Susan Coyne, Chris Levielle, Terry & Nancy Meagher, Gord Naunton, Paula Tenaglia, Ron Tite

10 Minute Talk Show, Anonymous x17, Ryan Aldred, Laurie Andrews, Paul Armstrong, Greg Bay, Matthew Brooks, Greg Bryant, Lauren Canafrancw, Joshua Chau, Heather Comeford, Erin Conway, Sara Creaghan, Krista Dalby, Gillian Eaton, Heather Eaton, Diane Entwistle, Ryan Fabricius, Adrian Gaffierro, Jocelyn Geddie, Anthony Gilroy, Kelly Graham, Lana Graham, Susanna P Haight, Cyril Hayes, Dan Hershfield, Julianna Hobbs, Melanie Hunter, Nick Iozzo, Roberta Jennings, Liza Kockeritz, Stan Kuliavas, Elizabeth Lancaster, Danielle LeSage, Michael Lindon, Patti Magnus, Ian MacIntyre, Cat McCluskey, Marianna Miniotis, Chad Mitchell, David Nadolski, Phillip Ottenbrite, Deanna Palazzo & James Dalzell, Karen Palmer, Declan Quinlan, Zoe Randall-Rabnett, Bonnie Pinch, Cathy Rivard, Nancy Rockarts, Sam Roulston, Matthew Schmid, Candace Singh, Leah Solis, Marjah Tajibnapis, Anthony Tortorici, Vinky & Boo, Jing Wany, Renay Weissman, Gayle Wilmot