MARCH 23-27 #TOsketchfest22 – Screen Time Edition

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The Need

Throughout the covid-19 pandemic, Canadian comedians have had the rug pulled out from under them. Live performance opportunities have virtually disappeared. Television and commercial production has slowed dramatically. Comedians are hustling to create and distribute content in new ways, but digital content and online show revenues don’t pay the bills. 

While the Federal government has invested $500M in arts and culture funding, these dollars are not reaching comedians in a meaningful way. The Canada Council for The Arts – the gatekeeper of the funding that goes directly to artists – does not recognize comedy as an art form. Canadian comedians are struggling to keep the comedy flame alive, all the while learning to pivot to online content and shows, auditioning for limited work in film and tv, navigating CERB and other benefits, and in many cases reskilling and finding other work.

Canadian comedians need an ally to help create work and earn income doing what they are best at: making us laugh. 

TOsketchfest has always been that ally: paying comedians, creating opportunities, funding their projects and amplifying their work. Our Executive Director advocates on behalf of comedians at all levels of government for the respect and support that Canadian comedians deserve. 

Our Work

Each year, TOsketchfest serves more than 200 comedians from Toronto, across Canada and North America through a live comedy festival, learning and development, networking and social events, and direct project funding. 

In 2021, TOsketchfest is going to look very different. Like many festivals and events, we are moving online, creating a platform to showcase Toronto’s and Canada’s most hilarious digital content. This is new territory for us – there’s lots to learn, new tools to acquire, and, quite frankly, a lot less ticket and sponsorship revenue available to make it happen.

Our 2021 Digital Festival will include screenings of new comedy content from diverse creators from across the country, as well as learning and development events, networking and social time, and accessibility features for the digital space. Alongside this work, we are starting community consultations led by Bespoke Collective to investigate TOsketchfest’s commitment to anti-racist action, diversity, inclusion, equity and justice.

The Goal

Our goal is to turn 100% of the ticket revenue from the TOsketchfest 2021 Digital Festival back to the artists who made the content. 

Pay comedians for the comedy they create.

In order to do this, we need to raise $25,000 through donations by the end of the festival. WE’RE ALMOST THERE. YOU can help.

This community support will allow TOsketchfest to build and promote the digital stage for TOsketchfest 2021. It will help us acquire new software, tools, and specialized staff to make this possible. It will help us promote the heck out of this work, driving not only ticket sales but also valuable views, likes and shares for comedians’ digital channels. It will allow us to promise that 100% of ticket revenue will pay comedians for their work.

How You Can Help

Help us build the digital stage for TOsketchfest 2021.

Donations of $10 or more will receive a charitable tax receipt. 

Sign up for a monthly donation of $10 or more and receive a pair of TOsketchfest socks or a TOsketchfest patch as our thanks for your ongoing support.


Project: Fifteen Forward Donors:

Thank you to the donors who have made contributions to the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival’s 15th anniversary season.

This list includes gifts made between July 1st 2019 and June 30, 2020. Please let us know if there is an error or omission.

Anonymous, Don Ferguson

Constable Inc. , Susan Kent, Ron Tite

Charles Armstrong, Susan Cavan, Susan Coyne, Chris Earle, Dahlia Katz, Mike Kiss, Danielle LeSage, Damien Nelson, Kurt Smeaton

Mim Adams, Krista Dalby, Troy Comeau, Chris Earle, David Gaunt, Vincent Jones, Chloe and Henry Korenblum, Chris Leveille, Megan Mackeigan, Tom Quinn, Klaus Schuller, Susan Smythe-Bishop, Naomi Snieckus, Johnathon Sohn, Rick Szabo, Marni Van Dyk, Ilana Waldston, Anonymous x 3

Samantha Allen, Coleen Beaton, Tim Blair, Paul Blinov, Melanie Bradshaw, Oona Cass, Jennifer Compton-Duthie, Megan Deeks, Anthony Dimaras, Kate Drew, Brian Edwards, Lenny Epstein, Raelene Ernst, Thomas Farago, Elizabeth Anne Fenn, Steve Fisher, Derek Forgie, Sarah Fowlie, Anne Gallagher, Richard Gasee, Tony Gilroy, Inmar Givoni, Kristina Glicksman, Morgan Gomes, Stephen Gomes, Adam Growe, Megan Hamilton, Jhanele Hatton, Isaiah Headen, Tyler Hewitt, Angie Heydon, Greg Hicks, Peter Hill, Melanie Hunter, Allen James, Virginie Jaran, Will Jardine, Paul Kern, George Komorowski, Mark Kudlac, Jenny Kuhelji, Matthew Kronby, Shannon Lahaie, Mackenzie Laird, Michael Lake, Keitha Lamey, Michael Laskaris, Kathryn Landon, Arnie Lash, Victoria LeBerge, Christina Loeffel, Nick Lozzo, Paul Kern, George Komorowski, Mike Kronby, Jenny Kuhelj, Keitha Lamey, Arnie Lash, Spencer MacDonald, Sandy MacFadyen, Ian MacIntyre, Lee-Anne McAlear, Daniel McKay, Pollina Mendonca, Monika Meulman, Solange Murciano, Stephen Murray, Sebrina Natalizio, Gord Naunton, Mary Neilans, Johnny Opao, Suzanne Paes, Laura Peever, Leo Petrazickis, Yvonne Reitmeier, Christopher Richardson, Cathy Rivard, Garrett Rodman, Rebecca Saniford, Lori Salter, AJ Schraeder, Grant Sehl, Nadine Simunic, Matthew Smith, Tim Smith, Scott Sneddon, Lori Stueart, Maureen Talty, Naheed Tharani, Russ and Nancy Thompson, Anthony Tortorici, Laura Toth, Cindy Tran, Laura Tyson, Brent Vickar, Susan Wallis, Meghan Warby, Hayley Watson, Glenn Weiers, Peter Wolf, Mimi Woo, Wendy Woolnough, Tara Egan Wu