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Troupe of the Day – A Classy Affair and The Really Good Show

Each day leading up to the 2011 Festival, the TOsketchfest Blog will feature one of our 40+ awesome comedy troupes. Today, we are profiling two troupes: A Classy Affair and The Really Good Show What do Stacey McGunnigle and Kevin Matviw have in common? A lot really. First and most importantly, both are super fun […]

Troupe of the Day – Charles

Each day leading up to the 2011 Festival, the TOsketchfest Blog will feature one of our 40+ awesome comedy troupes. Today’s troupe is Charles! I guess if you and your friend Charles start a sketch troupe, and you both have the same name, you should probably call your sketch troupe Charles, right? That’s what these […]

Troupe of the Day – Haircut

Each day leading up to the 2011 Festival, the TOsketchfest Blog will feature one of our 40+ awesome comedy troupes. Today’s troupe is Haircut! Making their third appearance at TOsketchfest, Haircut is one of Toronto’s busiest (and tallest) sketch troupes. Comprised of Pat Smith and Allie Price, Haircut was the winner of the 2009 NOW […]

Troupe of the Day – The Templeton Philharmonic

Each day leading up to the festival, the TOsketchfest Blog will profile one of the 40+ hilarious troupes performing in the 2011 fest. Today’s troupe of the day is The Templeton Philharmonic What’s in a name? For The Templeton Philharmonic, their hoity toity sounding name is simply a combo of members’ Brianna Templeton and Gwynne […]

Troupe of the Day – Smells Like the 80s

Each day leading up to the 2011 Festival, the TOsketchfest Blog will feature one of our 40+ awesome comedy troupes. Today’s troupe is Smells Like the 80s! Smells Like the 80s is part of the old guard of the Toronto sketch comedy scene… I know, it’s hard to believe with their fresh faces and good […]

Can you name these hilarious people…

We saw this ridiculous pic on a comedian’s Facebook page today. It was posted in support of tonight’s season premiere of the Ron James Show on CBC. Here’s a fun game for your Friday afternoon: Can you name all of the hilarious people in the pic? Ok, obviously one of them is Ron James. Oh, […]

Fresh Meat 2011, Cambridge Footlights

Toronto Comedy Preview: Fresh Meat, Cambridge Footlights

Hot local upstarts and live British sketch highlight a front-loaded week in Toronto!
Monday: Fresh Meat 2011
Tuesday: Cambridge Footlights

Chicago SketchFest Applications Open

Attention all sketchy people! Wanna play in the mother of all US SketchFests? Ok, it wasn’t the first, but it is certainly the biggest. Chicago SketchFest is now accepting applications for the 2012 festival. Head over to their website to get the details. Members of the TOSketchFest team have enjoyed performing in and watching the […]

Picnicface Sneak Preview Tonight!

Hey dudes… check out tonight’s sneak preview of Picnicface, the new sketch show on Comedy Network. Those crazy kids from Halifax made a TV show! Remember when they were the winners of the Audience Choice Award at TOSketchFest in 2008? Yeah, we do too. They are so great. The sneak preview is tonight (Tuesday Aug […]

TOSketchFest Talks SorboFest

The most exciting two nights of the summer, Kevin Sorbo Garbage Weekend, are almost here! Tonight (Friday) and Saturday, the legendary Kevin Sorbo will be performing at Comedy Bar in four hilarious and sure-to-be-mythical shows put on by some of Toronto’s most popular improv and sketch groups. Some of the busy performers took a moment […]

Charleston Comedy Festival Submissions Open

Are you a comedian? Do you like travelling? Do you like travelling to places that are warmer than Toronto in January? The Charleston Comedy Festival dropped us a line today to let us know they are looking for acts and their submissions are open until October 1st. The Festival is January 18-21, 2012 and all […]

A Rare Jape Reunion

If you go into the way-back machine and set the dial to sometime in the mid 2000’s, you’ll find yourself at an early Statutory Jape show, when the group looked a little different than it does today… it had a female member. That’s right, Toronto sketch favourites Jape, (as they are now known), had an […]

The Second City Gets a Facelift

It’s unusual for The Second City’s mainstage cast to turn over four of their six members at once, which is why Toronto’s comedy scene is abuzz with the news of the casting for their upcoming revue. TOSketchFest is pretty good friends with the new cast members ’cause they’ve all performed in the Festival before. (Ashley […]

Pilot Week in 10 Words or Less

Pilot Week at Comedy Bar is upon us. The shows start tonight. This is a really fun contest put on by the good folks at Comedy Bar and Insight, who are looking for the next great Canadian comedy TV show. All week  long, contestents have 30 minutes to perform a live version of their television […]

Brendan Halloran is a Terrible Wizard

TOSketchFest was pretty excited about last week’s premiere of The Week That Was with Jay Onrait on MuchMore. Reason being, our good friend Brendan Halloran is the head writer. You’d know Brendo from The Sketchersons, The Polecats and The Local Singles. He’s a busy sketch guy. You should watch the second episode tonight on MuchMore […]

Comedy Bar… The Series

If you’re a fan of TOsketchfest, you’ve probably been to Comedy Bar, one of the main Festival venues. It’s the hub of the Toronto comedy scene, and now, it’s also a series, produced in association with Bite. Comedy Bar was shot in 50 episodes, 15 of which have already been aired on Bite TV and  […]

Whose Line is it Anyway?

It’s an age-old debate – is there such thing as an original idea?  Recently Last Call Cleveland, 2009 TOsketchfest Best of the Fest Award Winners, came face-to-face with that question.  A small scandal erupted over a routine on Conan O’Brien by Canadian standup stand-out Jon Dore and Rory Scovel.  In the bit, Conan’s staff has […]

Tim Sims Fund Looking for Hot New Acts

Our friends over at the Tim Sims Encouragement Fund recently released their call for submissions for the Fresh Meat Showcase in September. If you are a performer or troupe in the early stages of your career – i.e. 30 years or younger, performing for less than two years, Toronto based (see full citeria here) – […]

Past TOsketchfest artists at Toronto Fringe

The Fringe Festival launches this week in Toronto, and if you’re like me, you just can’t decide what to see (besides the inside of the Fringe Tent, of course). Well we’re here to point your funny bone in the right direction.  Here’s a list of past TOsketchfest groups that are performing in this year’s Toronto […]

Vote for the Canadian Comedy Awards

This year, the Canadian Comedy Awards added some new public voting categories to their awards list.  The public is now able to vote on five categories:  Best TV Show, Best Film, Best Web Clip, Best Radio Clip and Comedy Person of the Year. So get yourselves over to the CCAs website and log your vote. […]