Title Card for 10-Piece Nuggets. Red text with chicken nuggets.

10-Piece Nuggets


A tale as old as time… one of ice, fire, and, of course, NUGGETS! Our grass-fed, free-range comedy is young, fast, and delicious! Comprised of former members of The Bob Comedy Revue, we are looking to take our Comfest-featured talent to the online screens of Torontonians everywhere!

Creative Bio:

Our collection of video shorts was written by Leo Morgenstern, Max Nisbeth, Julia Rapai, and Ben Van Dinther. The editors of said sketches include: Leo Morgenstern, Max Nisbeth, Julia Rapai, and Audrey Lee. The title card and graphic design was created by Audrey Lee.

Formerly members of the The Bob Comedy Revue, our cast and crew are compiled of extremely talented individuals who are active in comedy, film, and voice over communities. They include: Matthew Brooks, Eamon Kelly, Rayhan Jabbar, Audrey Lee, Rachel Leggett, Leo Morgenstern, Max Nisbeth, Julia Rapai, Ben Van Dinther.