Aaron Callahan: BMW Driver - A tall white man with brown hair and a beard wearing sunglasses and a black fleece sitting behind the wheel of a black convertible on a suburban street with trees in the background.

Aaron Callahan: BMW Driver by Jordan Moeller

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Aaron Callahan: BMW Driver is a satirical meditation on the ways toxic masculinity informs overly-aggressive driving patterns. It’s a character sketch drawing influence from bouffon, clown, and the awful, awful drivers of luxury vehicles that we’ve all encountered at some point.

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Premiered in Sketch Smorgasbord on March 23.

Creative Bio:

Jordan Moeller is a comedian, actor, and writer based out of Brooklyn, NY. He is a member of PIT Sketch Comedy House Team ‘The Ruse’, BoogieManja Sketch Comedy House Team ‘Cherry Cherry’, cofounder of the dance-centric comedy groups Villains and Time Bath, as well as the multi-disciplinary HERON Ensemble and formidable DangerSwitch! clown troupe. You may have seen a recent viral video of his on Tiktok entitled, “POV: You are being robbed by a guy who works at a nonprofit.” Jordan’s work is influenced by the best and worst parts of himself.