Android: Anders Yates wearing a red leather jacket and a white t-shirt, looking up above him and sporting a half grin.

Android by Anders Yates

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Anders Yates is bringing a selected scene from his live solo sketch comedy performance combining dystopian science fiction with contemporary queer angst.

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Premiered in Sketch Showcase: Emily Richardson on March 26.

Creative Bio:

Anders Yates is a writer, actor, improviser and comedian living in Toronto. He is a founding member of the legendary sketch and improv comedy troupe Uncalled For and the genre-defying comedy/dance troupe Dance Animal. He can be seen in the films Indian Horse, Stockholm and Through Black Spruce as well as on TV in Nurses, Carter, Titans, Condor, Murdoch Mysteries and Earthling House Huntress. Anders is a frequent contributor to the satirical news website The Beaverton.