Antiques Roadshow 3000: The host of the show is on his way in his steampunk space ship.!

Antiques Roadshow 3000 by Brainwrap Comedy

(London, UK)

It’s the year 3000 and humanity has left Earth and moved out in to the galaxy but some things never change and the weekly broadcast of The Antiques Roadshow is one of them. Surreal sci-fi comedy meets Sunday afternoon TV.

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Premiered in UR WEIRD: Genres on March 26.

Creative Bio:

Antiques Roadshow 3000 is written and produced by Lisa Ronaghan and Adam McNicol, Directed by Adam McNicol, Starring Paul F Taylor, Lisa Ronaghan, Monica Gaga, Francesca Reid, Dana Haqjoo, Tracey Collins, with production Design from Bryony Rumble, animation from Tom Rourke, hair and make up from Sherrie Warwick, music from Alice Morgan and production from Pavilion Films.