Avan Neo sits on a bench with their legs up, outside in a shady courtyard on a sunny day.

Avan Neo

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Need a new wheelchair but don’t know what one to get? Don’t know if you want the agile of a manual of speed of a scooter or the carrying capacity of a power chair?  Do you want you know how react when using different types of chairs, this ad is a great way for you to know what different chairs are out there while also education the viewer on the many reasons why you may want said chair.

Art is great but is it better than better getting to know people? Avan Neo answers these questions with their funny sketches “Wheelchair Advertisement” and “Infomercial For Art”.

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Premiered in Opening Night Gala on March 23 at 7pm.

Creative Bio:

My name is Avan, I am a disabled comedian actor and filmmaker who like to ask questions about our society with my work. I use comedy to do this seeing as I’ve used comedy to get though the hardest times in my life but i also feel it’s the best way to breach touchy subject matter. My work is very satirical in nature but good for the soul.