Birds! With Terry Towel Tunacan: A man with a beard, wearing hiking clothes and a cowboy hat, is standing in a forest, pointing at a bald eagle that is floating just above him.

Birds! With Terry Towel Tunacan by The S&M Experience

(Exeter, Ontario)
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Amateur bird expert Terry Towel Tunacan loves birds and wants you to get to know birds a little bit better. In this episode of his public access show Birds!, Terry sees some great birds in his Bird Excursion, tells us about his favourite bird, and teaches some facts about the magnificent emu.

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Premiered in Sketch Smorgasbord on March 23 at 8:30pm.

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The S&M Experience is the duo of Stephen T. Holmes and Matthew Miner. The pair met in high school where they began creating short videos with friends, and over time they bonded over their love of comedy and shared sense of humour. Looking to develop their comedic voices they formed The S&M Experience in 2016, focusing on creating comedy content that often plays with eccentric characters, absurd situations, or exploring well worn tropes from action and horror movies. Influenced by Stella, Late Night With Conan O’Brien, and Comedy Bang! Bang!, they now have over 95 videos on their YouTube channel, and have had their work featured on Funny Or Die. Every month they post new videos and episodes of their podcast, The S&M Experience With The S&M Experience. Their moms think they’re a real hoot.