Bon Voyage: Close up of a woman’s face in a small room with white walls. She has brown hair, brown eyes, and is wearing a red beret. She is glancing to the right and pretending to smoke an unlit cigarette in a way that suggests she has never smoked cigarettes before.

Bon Voyage by Cookie Biscuits Comedy

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In a last ditch effort to save her job, Brooklyn Moles made a commercial! It’s an action packed romp across the globe – filled with love, loss and butt kicking punches. Because for Brooklynn, “Bon Voyage” isn’t just a travel agency, it’s an ADVENTURE!
“Bon Voyage: We’ll get you there!”

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Premiered in Opening Night Gala on March 23 at 7pm.

Creative Bio:

Founded in 2015, Cookie Biscuits is a Toronto-based sketch troupe that has been creating and performing comedy with some of the most talented local writers, actors, improvisers, and filmmakers the city has to offer. Its original members were from all over the world and couldn’t agree if sweet baked treats were called ‘cookies’ or ‘biscuits’ – and lo! Cookie Biscuits was born. The group has evolved through many iterations since then, with alumni quickly taking over the
Canadian comedy scene.

Its current lineup consists of producer/coordinator/assistant director Carolyn Dunk, actor/writer Sadie Fay, video editor DW Henning, actor/writer Ned Petrie, and actor/writer Christopher D. Seeney.

This short features the amazing writers room and acting talents of former Cookie Biscuit Tamlynn Bryson, and is the directorial debut of script supervisor, Christina Bryson. Created in only 48 hours under strict theme, character and prop limitations, this film was praised at the 48Hour Film Project in 2021, receiving 2 awards, and 2 additional nominations.

Cookie Biscuits recently released their third season of digital sketches, available online. Their sketches and shorts have gone on to be included as festival selections at many sketch and comedy film festivals, and are a mainstay of the “Best Of” screenings at the 48Hour Film Project Toronto. They are currently in pre-production for an episodic web series – the group’s first endeavour into long-form storytelling.