Canadian Satire: George and Kevin like fun and the balloons of each other illustrate that.

Canadian Satire


The Canadian Satire team of George and Kevin provide you with what they see are the ways in which they like to have fun. Beware: You may find yourself having fun watching these videos. Enjoy “I Like Fun” and “Wood Throw”.

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Premiered in Sketch Smorgasbord on March 23.

Creative Bio:

George Westerholm and Kevin MacDonald have been trolling various stages of comedy throughout the city going on a collective 50 years now. (Ugh!) George as member of famed Musical Comedy duo ‘Al and George’ and writer for the Mercer report and Kevin as a fan of both of those projects, who has performed standup and sketch comedy throughout the city culminating in a 10 year run producing Hirut Hoot Comedy night at Woodbine and Danforth.