Crab Man: A man with long hair and glasses standing on a rocky beach wearing a parka and oven mitts. He holds his hands up like crab claws.

Crab Man by Darrin Schultz

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Crab Man spent many years as an unnamed character who only said “I like to go to the beach and pick up the crabs that live down there.” Then I spent an hour on a beach expanding on that with my roommate who is better at cameras than I am. It’s chill, silly, and makes you think about crabs.

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Premiered in Cinematic Shorts on March 26.

Creative Bio:

I try to make most of my comedy “informative nonsense.” You should be learning something in a nonsensical way, or not learning anything when you think you are. When trying to come up with a show idea, researching something real is my entry point into creating something absurd. I’ve written shows about events in the year 1911, a fake sport called Batterball, and small town Alaska. While I frequently perform solo, I also love the collaborating with friends much prefer doing dialogue with other people than just monologuing forever.