CRINGE: A blue background with pink writing that reads “Cringe. A Solo Sketch Comedy Show. Written and Performed by Sam Roulston.” with a photo of Sam shirtless under a suit jacket wearing numerous gold chains and slicked back black hair.

CRINGE: A Solo Sketch Comedy Show by Sam Roulston

(London, UK)
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CRINGE is inspired by all of those intrusive thoughts or embarrassing memories that slip into your mind while you’re brushing your teeth. The show explores themes like homophobic microagressions, cancel culture and pandemic related anxieties all through a comedic lens. Most medical professionals don’t recommend re-traumatizing yourself but Sam Roulston wrote this show for YOU, for the art, but mostly for the attention. CRINGE won The Second City Best New Comedy Award at the 2021 Toronto Fringe Festival.

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Premiered in Sketch Showcase: CRINGE on March 25.

Creative Bio:

Sam Roulston is an award winning Comedian and Writer based in London, England. Sam performs regularly with his improv duo Champagne Boyfriend and he recently returned from touring the Caribbean with BeerProv at Sea. Sam also performs and teaches at comedy festivals all over the world including Mama City Improv Festival (Capetown), Hell Yes Fest (New Orleans), The Del Close Marathon (New York City), Detroit Improv Festival and Improv Fest Ireland (Dublin).