Uber and Klonk: Black and white photo of Meredith Mullen (left) and Carley Thorne (right.)

Debauchery & Glamour by Uber & Klonk

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Debauchery & Glamour is a short vertical video collection focusing on the absurdities and anxieties associated with being a member of Gen Z. Sketches focus on Saw, Invisalign, and TikTok Celebrities. Being young these days means the world is on fire and nothing makes sense, Debauchery & Glamour tackles the weirdness and darkness of today with humour and brevity.

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Premiered in Sketch Showcase: Emily Richardson on March 26.

Creative Bio:

Uber & Klonk is a Toronto-based comedy duo consisting of Carley Thorne and Meredith Mullen. They have amassed a social media following of over 200k across YouTube and TikTok (@uberandklonk,) and have performed at the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival, the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival, the Montreal Sketch Comedy Festival, and the Central Florida Sketch Comedy Festival (2020’s Best of the Fest Award.) We were also nominated for Broadway World’s Best Independent Comedy Show in 2020 and won the Billy Crystal Sketch Comedy Award. They’ve helped develop projects for CBC, Channel 4, Hulu, and more.