Depressed Ikea: Sad woman and guy leave Ikea after a day of shopping.

Depressed Ikea by The Walking Sketch

(Mexico City)

“Depressed Ikea” is a dark, twisted sketch.. but in a fun way! One for those millennials (and older centennials) trying to live a functioning adult life but that sometimes struggle to get out of bed because the world around seems to be ending on us but somehow, we still gotta go to work! Luckily we are not alone, cause we got Depressed Ikea, for that wonderful (and realistic) everyday mess.

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Premiered in UR WEIRD: Genres on March 26.

Creative Bio:

The Walking Sketch is a sketch comedy group based in Mexico City, formed in the middle of the pandemic. It was born out of the improv comedy school “The Assembly Mexico,” out of their Sketch Comedy class, imparted by Gloria Peña.

“Depressed Ikea” is written and directed by Daniel Aranzubia, an actor and screenwriter, who had to appear in it. It also stars Valentina Carrete, another writer and performer of the group, and Romina Cota, the director’s conveniently available cousin and roommate. It was all shot in one location (Daniel and Romina’s apartment), so the Hollywood technique of green screen was needed and also learnt for the first time.

Currently, the Walking Sketch are working on a third episode, developing content for their online show.