Donkey Kong: Four animated characters from the Sketchlings with green skin.

Donkey Kong by Sketchlings the Sketch Comedy Series

(Lanham, MD)
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“Sketchlings” is what happens when an actor and her friends have no sense, no chill, no boundaries (at all) and decide to create content. Using genre storytelling, animation, and parodies, this series explores a range of topics, including parenting, society, friendship, dating/relationships, and health and wellness.

Sketchlings: The Sketch Comedy Series made us laugh as we were making it, we hope it makes you laugh too.

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Premiered in Sketch Showcase: Emily Richardson on March 26.

Creative Bio:

Devin “Nikki” Thomas
Show Runner, Writer, Director
Mommy says I’m touched in the head because of the stuff I come up with. Uh…Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

Aaron A. Robinson
Videographer Audio Engineer, Editor, music producer, Encourager of shenanigans, lover of freshly baked cookies and ice cream

Brendan Harris
The eleven-year-old who came up with the name of the series, and (believe it or not) some of the sketches!! The original dopeling.