Eating Virtual Food in Real Life: A woman wears VR goggles over her eyes. She is holding a pixellated chocolate donut with sprinkles. Her mouth is open as if she is about to bite the donut. The word "YUM" is in large purple text behind her.

Eating Virtual Food in Real Life! by Big Apartment


Vivian goes where no person has gone before, by eating snacks in virtual reality, while being fed that same food in actual reality! Maddy goes where no person has ever wanted to go, by eating fake food. Enjoy two friends’ joyful exploration of questions nobody needed the answers to in “Eating VIRTUAL FOOD in REAL LIFE!”

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Premiered in DIY Sketch Showcase on March 24.

Creative Bio:

Big Apartment is a Vancouver-based improv and sketch comedy duo consisting of Maddy Rafter and Vivian Tang. Having both trained with Instant Theatre and UBC improv, Maddy and Vivian have performed in various festivals including the Vancouver Improv Festival, JFL Northwest, and more. Big Apartment formed in 2020 with the intention of making digital content over Zoom. Since then, Big Apartment has returned to live performances and looks forward to performing in front of live audiences again in the near future!

Thank you to Umbrtone for providing the music for this video.
Music: Yummy Flavor
Produced by Umbrtone
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