Facebook Marketplace: A series of icons on a solid blue background. From left to right: the Facebook Marketplace logo, a bottle of lotion, a piece of spiral pasta, a cake, and a wasp.

Facebook Marketplace Ads by Send Noods


A series of TV ads for the absurd secondhand items and leftover foods that people try to sell you on Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace: sometimes, you CAN just throw it away.

on-demand tickets available here

Premiered in Sketch Showcase: She’s Not Special on March 25.

Creative Bio:

Send Noods is a pan-Asian collective of theatre & musical artists, who abruptly pivoted into sketch comedy with the online show “Orange Chicken” at the 2021 Toronto Fringe Festival.

The cast of “Orange Chicken” was Sumeeta Farrukh, Shreya Jha, Wilfred Moeschter, Nam Nguyen, Nightingale Nguyen, Gabby Noga, Kevin Vuong, and Kevin Yue. The Facebook Marketplace ads were written and edited by Gabby Noga, with provided by Sumeeta, Gabby, Wilf, and Nam.