Todd Housman and Ben Gorodetsky are dressed in suits, accented with individual cultural elements. Todd has Cree beads and and a beaded knife, while Ben has a Russian fur hat. They are both biting down on a huge purple cabbage, set against a bright yellow background.

Folk Lordz

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Political, absurd, and darkly hilarious, Folk Lordz reflecting urban-Indigenous, immigrant, and activist perspectives through the lens of biting satire. Come have a big, dumb laugh in the face of society’s ills with your pals, the Folk Lordz!

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Premiered in Cinematic Shorts on March 26.

Creative Bio:

Folk Lordz was created by Todd Houseman and Ben Gorodetsky in 2014, as senior players at Rapid Fire Theatre in Edmonton, Alberta. The performance and creative duo was born out of a shared love of physical comedy, folk storytelling, and political grit. Since then Todd and Ben have toured internationally, created two award-winning improvised plays, facilitated workshops and intercultural exchanges, produced the three-day storytelling festival Stories on the Hills, and wrote, produced and starred in two seasons of their acclaimed political sketch comedy series. The series is directed by Mike Robertson, celebrated music video director and award-winning pornographer!