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Good Daughter Comedy Afterschool Special


After a long and hard day of finger-painting and arithmetic, Good Daughter Comedy presents: “GDC Afterschool Special”! In this episode, former Blue’s Clues host Steve has one more message for his grown-up fans. Unfortunately, it’s shortly interrupted by an unexpected visit from his now washed-up co-host, and a public service announcement from your favourite coolest and cleanest substance-use-awareness team this side of Little Greek Town.

Creative Bio:

Based in Tkaronto/Toronto (Treaty 13), GOOD DAUGHTER COMEDY houses Blair MacMillan, Michael Jankovich, Emma Friedman, Callum McNeil, Jessica Moniere, and Paul Smith; a team of actors, writers, comics, musicians, and arts workers who first met in Katarokwi/Kingston (Treaty 57). Together, they have been performing & writing sketch-comedy, theatre, and improvisational comedy ever since they signed their names in a cursed napkin taken from a live taping of “Whose Line Is It Anyway”.

Since the premiere of their in-person sketch-comedy show, “Good Daughter Presents: BAD SHOW” (2021), the team is so grateful for the opportunity to work with The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival for 2022, and will cherish this memory for a lifetime. Thanks so much for watching and for joining in the experience.

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