IndigE-girl Comedy: Poster image with cast names and partner logos. An illustration of two legs and feet in moccasins with a pink and white Anishinabe design, standing in the centre of a star shaped limelight.

IndigE-Girl Comedy


IndigE-girl Comedy are sketches are based on Indigenous perspectives and our relations to the land, the animals, our culture and the Indigenous experience traversing through colonial systems. Each sketch takes on elements of Anishinabe & Oneida cultures through a political and pop culture lens.

Aimed to increase the visibility of Indigenous women in Comedy, IndigE-girl Comedy highlights some of the brightest female voices in Comedy to share in the laughter with our community. This sketch comedy troupe shares Indigenous stories and perspectives through humorous characters, animals and Indigenous experiences that battle negative stereotypes and support the diversifying the comedian persona to include female Indigenous Comedians.

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Premiered in Sketch Showcase: She’s Not Special on March 25.

Creative Bio:

IndigE-girl Comedy was created to produce safe spaces for Indigenous women to explore their skills in comedy and comedic storytelling. The group is a collaborative mix of stand up comedy troupe, Manifest Destiny’s Child, playwrights, actors, and digital content creators. Lead writers included Samantha Mandamin, Lena Recollet, Denise McLeod, Janet Antone and Jamie Whitecrow, with support of Stephanie Pangowish and Cherish Violet Blood adding in their comedic talents through stand up and acting. Scripts were created with support of Second City Alumni Alessandra Vite and Paloma Nuñez. Projected directed by Debbie Courchene, Producer: Nova Courchene, Production Manager: Carla Ritchie, Director of Photography: Ian Maracle, Edited by Candelario Andrade.