Jon Blair: An eccentric billionaire in a suit with white hair and a large moustache gestures dramatically in a luxurious chalet, with a large mountain visible through a window in the background.

Jon Blair

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Enjoy three sketches from 2021 Best of the Fest Award winner Jon Blair.

It’s time to leave space behind and return do the ultimate billionaire’s pastime: Going up a huge friggin mountain.

Celebrate the life and career of one of the American Basketball Association’s absolute worst guys.

Except it’s fantasy as in dragons. Do you get it, do you get that that’s what it is.

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Premiered in Opening Night Gala on March 23 at 7pm.

Creative Bio:

Jon Blair is a solo sketch artist who has been a fixture in the Toronto comedy scene for 15 years. He is the former head writer of Sunday Night Live with The Sketchersons and has written on This Hour Has 22 Minutes and Because News for the CBC. During the pandemic Jon wrote and filmed four half-hour episodes of his solo sketch show Now More Than Ever, which won Best of the Fest at last year’s Toronto Sketchfest. He most recently appeared as the hippie bankrobber Ted in the CBS sitcom Ghosts.