Keeping Up With the Georges: Six cast members faces photoshopped onto revolutionary style clothes.

Keeping Up With the Georges by The Second City Chicago Youth Ensemble

(Park Ridge, IL)

“Keeping Up With the Georges” is American Revolution meets reality television. Our favorite players in the war literally spill the “T” and take the audience on a hilarious “behind the scenes” journey through this time period in history.


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Premiered in DIY Sketch Showcase on March 24.


Creative Bio:

When the pandemic hit, The Second City Chicago Youth Ensemble (the school’s audition based performance group for kids/teens) started to meet online. The participants learned to work together in new ways, doing improv online and writing sketches in zoom breakout rooms together. Creating digital shorts for their online performances brought their sketches to the next level for the shows they would have online. In this particular sketch, Gil Scheiner and Nicole Scimeca wrote it together in breakout room on a shared google doc during the zoom ensemble time. The Second City Chicago teacher, Jessica Antes, and the others in the group gave them guidance with the rewrites. Nicole Scimeca, as director, then storyboarded the scenes adding written out stage directions to send to the cast. Then she “contactlessly” dropped off the needed costumes, props, and green plastic tablecloths (green screens) to each student’s home in Chicago. Next students (Felix David, Gil Scheiner, Nicole Scimeca, Madigan Tang, and Piper Mowbray) each filmed themselves separately using her scene directions and the green screens. The footage was sent to Nicole Scimeca to edit. This was truly a group effort to bring together this digital short from The Second City Chicago Youth Ensemble.