Larry The Lizard Keeper: Two men standing in front of a blue background look at directly into camera with tough expressions.

Larry the Lizard Keeper by Good Ideas


Have you ever lost something you hold dear? Was that thing also a lizard? If the answer to these questions is YES, then you may understand the plight of Larry the Lizard Keeper. He lost his lizard lol and he’s tryna find it. He is a middle-aged pot bellied ghoul with a hankering for luncheon meats; the greasier the better. Are you still reading this?

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Premiered in DIY Sketch Showcase on March 24.

Creative Bio:

Good Ideas are a Toronto based sketch duo made up of Alex Allan and Rob Davies. The pair are comedy icons in their respective households. After the roaring success of their TV Sitcom “Needs More Goblins”, which follows a struggling writer and his pot bellied goblin roommate as they strive to write the next best magazine article about yoghurt, Alex and Rob have been hankering to make some laughs. Just kidding about that goblin part, but please let me know if you think that’s a good idea for TV show; I have a lot of money riding on this.