Mawiiage Story: A couple engages in a heated debate, while sitting on a couch.

Mawiiage Story by The Institute Sketch Comedy

(Lincoln, MA)

As an homage and parody to praised feature film “Marriage Story”, a couple engages in a heated debate regarding the well-being of their prized possession: a shared gaming console.

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Premiered in UR WEIRD: Genres on March 26.

Creative Bio:

We’re a group of actors, writers, and filmmakers bonded by our shared love of all things comedy. Since 2008, we’ve put on 6 shows a year at Tufts University, consisting of live sketches, video sketches, and more, including an original musical that we write and direct in just one month every Spring! You can also find us at comedy festivals or grabbing brunch after our meetings. Being in The Institute (or Tute!) is being part of a family, just one with matching t-shirts and lots of jokes!

We spend so much time building on our scripts with each layer of production (writing meetings, acting, and filmmaking) until we have a polished product that we are proud of. We experiment and challenge each other! Think murder mystery theme shows, music videos, on-the-spot stand-up, video-live cross platform videos, and Tufts-related news segments in the vein of SNL’s “Weekend Update”. This true Institute essence is evident during our annual musical production. Every year, the whole group writes a full ten-scene, ten-song musical in three weeks. The process, although arduous, is one of collaboration and grit. We bring all of our unique talents and quirks and make it work to the production’s advantage. I think that us spending so much time with each other, learning and (badly) singing, shows our dedication to our cause and our comedy family. Ultimately, that distinctive comedic bond makes our group special.