Mike Is Doing Stuff: Michael Simms as ‘Mike’ seated, looks up at himself as the character ‘King Richard’ who is standing with one knee raised.

Mike Is Doing Stuff by Mike A Simms

(West Babylon, NY)
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Auction Item Listing, King Richard, and Your Favour Dog Tail are three skits from ‘ Mike Is Doing Stuff’, a fictionalized account of Mike dealing with absurd scenarios in every day live.

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Premiered in Sketch Showcase: Emily Richardson on March 26.

Creative Bio:

Growing up on Nick-At-Nite’s classic line up of shows like ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’, ‘I Dream of Genie’, ‘Get Smart’, and ‘F-Troop’ as well as later classics like ‘Welcome Back Kotter’, Michael Simms made it a point to embrace the absurd from a young age.
Counting Chris Rock, Dov Davidov, Eric Andre, Sinbad and Joan Rivers as his influences, Mike mixed his love of classic screwball sitcoms and biting/witty comedians into his current surrealist projects and performances. With the abstract comedy of his web series ‘Mike Is Doing Stuff’, Mike aims for a different type of content creation. Avoiding cliche trends while embracing the brevity of the medium, the series looks to be a social media based spiritual successor to Key and Peele or Chapelle’s Show.
Be it through the web series ‘Mike Is Doing Stuff’, the heart on his sleeve music of alter ego ‘Mic Versys’ or the everyday silliness of life aspect to his stand up, Mike tries to give people reasons to smile, feel, and- hopefully- be okay.