Mrs. Claus sneers at the camera.

Mrs. Claus’s Complaint by Shannon Rayne

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Fed up with being stuck inside, in the world’s most isolated location, Mrs. Claus vents to her online therapist about the unique challenges of her marriage.

This is the first film in a longer project titled “So I Married a Fairytale,” a comedic series of sketches and monologues about the spouses of fairytale characters.

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Premiered in Sketch Smorgasbord on March 23.

Creative Bio:

Written and Directed by Shannon Rayne, starring Dale Willman.

Shannon Rayne is a screenwriter, director, and comedy writer, who currently calls Vancouver home. When she’s not teaching creative writing workshops to kids, she’s writing original TV pilots, monologues, and shorts about feisty, funny, females taking unusual paths to change. She won Audience Choice for comedy monologue at the Vancouver Quarantine Performance Project with her monologue “Not a West Coast Girl…Yet,” and had two comedy TV pilots receive top honours at the Austin Film Festival. She loves collaborating with other writers, actors, and creatives, and is busy crafting a comedy webseries inspired by fairytales, and a new TV pilot for children. She’d love to be busier!