Not Working: Abbas stands in the aisle of a warehouse.

Not Working by Conrad Osei


Not Working is a short that follows Abbas Abbas, a millennial floating-through-life who quits the job he hates and decides to take on life by the reins to pursue his own “thing” – whatever that might be. We wanted to make something true to our way of life and the challenges we face. It is hard to make being broke funny, but this is our attempt at that.

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Premiered in Cinematic Shorts on March 26.

Creative Bio:

Conrad the actor and writer, Mark the DP and director and Abbas the star are friends who have collaborated on a number of shorts – ranging from comedy to drama. Our last film French Anglais was part of the festival last year and we were recently granted the TOSketchfest Sketch Comedy Project Fund to make the anticipated sequel. This project is a pilot sample that we are shopping around and we are ecstatic to share it with the TOSketchfest audience.