Plant Mom: Three people sit on a couch, while one person is mysteriously in the corner shirtless.

Plant Mom by Tommy Marshall

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Plant Mom is the DEFINITIVE sketch of the COVID era. It follows three best friends who haven’t seen each other in person since the beginning of the first lockdown and Stephanie Griggs has picked up some strange hobbies in the meantime. Part social satire, part John Carpenter love letter. Plant Mom gets weird.

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Premiered in UR WEIRD: Genres on March 26.

Creative Bio:

Plant Mom was written and produced by Tommy Marshall (who also plays Plant Boy) and directed, shot and edited by Alex Vogt. The sketch was made during their time at The Second City Film School in Chicago, IL. It stars Laura Maynard, a Chicago based comedic performer, as Stephanie Griggs, Seraphine Terryberry (a fellow Second City Film School student who also production designed and executed the SFX and makeup for the sketch) as Honey Bunches and Dan Mozurkewich as Ripley Beleaf (we also shot it in his beautiful apartment). Bill Chill (yet another Second City Film School student) served as a co-producer and our 1st AD, and Lisa Drupsteen did sound and Sean Comerford acted as 1st AC (Lisa and Sean are also Second City Film School students).