PlastiCon: A sign for the PlastiCon Conference that reads "Conference Convention and Exclusive VIP Events"

PlastiCon by Vermin Melville


PlastiCon showcases Vermin Melville’s love of unlovable characters: the easily slighted, the vain, the petty and the materialistic. This sketch satirizes the emptiness of corporate culture and dares to celebrate workers who care about what’s really important: a balanced breakfast.

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Premiered in DIY Sketch Showcase on March 24.

Creative Bio:

Vermin Melville is an Assembly sketch grad team that formed during lockdown. They began performing online shows, later moving to in-person performances, then back online, and maybe in person again soon? They are a diverse team with a unique point of view. Their sketches range from pointed political satires to absurd explorations that push the boundaries of sketch comedy. Vermin Melville is Taylor Gray, Zoe Kin, Malik Powell, Matthew Seely and Omer Shamir. They are directed by Antony Hall.