Potato Potato: "Cartoon image of the earth on fire, with the Potato Potato Logo and pictures of company members in the foreground"

Potato Potato

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A political sketch revue for the digital age. Combining sketches about politics, social issues and the Climate Crisis, we are here to make you laugh at the things that make you angry-cry, with bad impressions of your favourite politicians, annoyingly-catchy songs, and just a touch of lockdown angst.

Potato Potato Presents takes life in 2022 and gives it a much needed comedic twist.

On-Demand Tickets Available Here
Premiered in Sketch Showcase: CRINGE on March 25.

Creative Bio:

Potato Potato Presents is a Toronto-based sketch company that combines the talents of a diverse group of emerging artists to find humour in Politics and Climate Change. What started as a conversation about the terrifying reality of the climate crisis, has become fodder for excellent comedy. We create theatre through improvisation, collective writing and heated debates, using humour to shed light on issues facing Canadians today. Our sketch theatre is current and political, and environmental, taking the opportunity to address the harsh realities of our time and laugh in the face of it all.