Young Douglas: 12 people lined up shoulder-to-shoulder in business attire..

Skate Boy Friends by Young Douglas

(Queens, NY)
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From the people who brought you Mid90s, Lords of Dogtown, Minding The Gap, and North Hollywood here’s the latest dopest sad skateboarding movie.

Skate Boy Friends [A24 Film PARODY] first appeared in Young Douglas: Smokin’, featuring video sketches that we created for our live shows in New York in late 2021. The sketches are “still cracking me up even though I’ve seen it 10 times” (our words, in a writers’ meeting) and “the best stuff in the city”(an audience member after our show, we promise). We hope you enjoy!

On-Demand Tickets Available Here
Premiered in Sketch Showcase: CRINGE on March 25.

Creative Bio:

Young Douglas is composed of Dylan Adler, Evan Forde Barden, Fallon Boles, Andrea Coleman, Laura Fabius, Dylan Fugel, Devin Gant, Adrienne Ianniciello, Jeffrey Kitt, David Morton, Carly Silverman & Darrow Thomas. They have been, at various points, a Maude Team, a Zoom Team, a Digital Team, and Teamsters. Think of them as a 12-headed comedy hydra.