Space X Mission Auditions: The cast of impersonators including Grimes, Elon Musk, Jon Legend, Brad Pitt, Lauren Hill, Sammy Sweetheart and VP, Kamala Harris.

Space X Mission Audition by Old School Sketch Show

(New York)
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In 2021, SpaceX announced plans for the first all-civilian mission to space. In our sketch world, Elon Musk has put his wife, singer, Grimes, to audition and select one entertainer for the last remaining spot on this exclusive flight to orbit Earth.

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Premiered in UR WEIRD: Genres on March 26.

Creative Bio:

Written and Starring Rachel Strauss-Muniz for Old School Sketch Show: “This sketch was written for NYC’s own, Old School Sketch Show – pitch to stage in seven days! My direction to this most talented cast, whom recorded virtually, was to have fun finding finding and using their own voices as the featured celebs.”