Success 5000: Two white, thirty-something men sit on a couch and make reassuring hand gestures towards the camera. One of them has glasses and a toque, and the other has long blond hair and is holding an acoustic guitar.

Success 5000

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After an extended pandemic-related hiatus, Success 5000 is back with brand new songs! Several years of deep introspection and soul-searching appears to have taught them precisely nothing, as their new material is as insecure, awkward, uncomfortable, and – thankfully – hilarious as ever.

Creative Bio:

Success 5000 is an Edmonton-based duo specializing in musical comedy. They have toured the country, performed on CBC’s The Irrelevant Show, and been featured in comedy festivals such as Vancouver Sketchfest, Toronto Sketchfest, Philly Sketchfest, Seattle Sketchfest, Comedy Country, Sled Island, and Improvaganza. Self-described as “musical comedy that doesn’t suck,” their songs blend absurd humour with biting cynicism. Reviews have praised their show for its “self-depreciating, nihilistic, and sarcastic humour that’s both current and genuinely hilarious.” Never afraid to get honest, emotional, or just deeply weird, Success 5000 will get stuck in your head for days and your heart forever.