The Beacon of Gondor: A Ranger of Gondor (Dalmar Abuzeid) takes aim at the incoming Orc Army.

The Beacons of Gondor by Scott Paterson

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The Orcs are back for blood and the Beacons of Gondor must be lit! Three Rangers of Gondor come to the aid of fleeing refugees under attack. Elsewhere, a Parent passes down the long held tradition of THE BEACONS OF GONDOR to their uninterested, Gen-Z son.

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Premiered in UR WEIRD: Genres on March 26.

Creative Bio:

Written and Directed by Scott Paterson. Scott is an Award Winning Director, Producer and Writer. Beginning his career as a child actor, Scott is best known for his work as the “misunderstood bad-boy” Johnny Dimarco in the much beloved television franchise “Degrassi: The Next Generation”. Showcased and Awarded at numerous fesivals around the world, The Beacons of Gondor most recently brought home Best Director of a Fan Film at the “Best Actor and Director Awards – New York City Film Festival. Scott joins his friends and former Degrassi Alumni Raymond Ablack, Dalmar Abuzeid and Shane Kippel to bring a slice of Middle Earth to Toronto.