The Chels Stands Alone: Photo of Chelsea Larkin

The Chels Stands Alone by Chelsea Larkin


The Chels Stands Alone is Chelsea Larkin’s solo sketch debut at Toronto Sketchfest. You want kooky characters? You got it. You want parodies? Here you go. You want music? Sure thing. You want wigs? YOU’RE WELCOME! While absurd and silly, Chelsea’s characters are somehow still relatable and resemble the weirdest people you’ve actually met in your life. You never know what kind of character will appear next, when Chelsea is in the driver’s seat- so buckle in and enjoy!

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Premiered in Sketch Showcase: She’s Not Special on March 25.


Creative Bio:

Chelsea Larkin is an actress, comedian, writer, and singer. She has worked on stage and screen for more than 10 years in every genre of performance, but comedy is what she loves doing best and where she shines most!
Chelsea has trained with the Humber Comedy Writing and Performance Program, Second City Toronto, and Sears and Switzer.

Some of Chelsea’s favourite recent comedy credits include multiple performances with The Second City, being in the inaugural cast of Beerprov At Sea ( MSC Cruises), and JFL42 New Faces: Characters.
You can find Chelsea performing in sketch and improv shows regularly around Toronto. Like, all the time! Go find her!

When Chelsea was six years old, she met John Candy in an elevator, and he told her to follow her dreams. She’s doing it!