The three members of Cheap Wine stand in a row outside leaning against a balcony. Each person is wearing a solid-coloured, collared shirt and looking directly into the camera with blank expressions. In the middle of the image is a logo that reads "Cheap Wine", with a hand-drawn illustration of a spilled wine glass that is pouring out a rainbow stream.

This Guy Believes Everything He Reads! by Cheap Wine

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Our work is like Cheap Wine — it’s fun and loose and maybe a bit bad for your brain. The title says it all for this one — this guy believes everything he reads!

Creative Bio:

Cheap Wine is Jack Creaghan, Charlotte Creaghan and Jess McQueen. They are family. Seriously, they are in-laws. As in they spend holidays together and two of them have the same parents and two of them have a prenup. Check out their stuff and try to figure out who is what to who, how much is based on real-life events, and if spending this much time together is healthy.

After teaming up to compete in Sketch to the Death 2020, Cheap Wine won the Newcomer of the Year award and decided to make things official! Since then, they have been getting on stage and on camera as often as they can. They won the Audience Award at the Great Canadian Sketch Comedy Film Festival this year, as well as both the Judges Award and the Audience Award in the Toronto Sketch Comedy competition. They have been finalists at the Battle of the Sketches for the past two years, and also had multiple films screened in the Sudden Impulse Film Festival and the Virtual Insanity Comedy Show. One of their films was an official selections for the Isolation Short Film Festival screening and were awarded an honourable mention from the jury. They were also finalists in last year’s 48 Hour Film Challenge. They are thrilled to be a part of TO Sketchfest for the second time this year.