Tita Collective: Ellie Posadas, Belinda Corpuz, Maricris Rivera, Ann Paula Bautista, Alia Rasul. The five Filipina women are dressed in colourful outfits with a background consisting of a rattan chair, plants and textiles.

Titas at DGA Variety Store by Tita Collective

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What happens when you get the Titas in a Filipino convenience store? MORE Tita jokes!!! Enjoy a compilation of new mini sketches by the Tita Collective!

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Premiered in Sketch Showcase: She’s Not Special on March 25.

Creative Bio:

The Tita Collective is an all-Filipina collective composed of award-winning playwrights, comedians, musicians, dancers, theatre makers and actors. They explore different mediums to tell the stories about the Filipin* diaspora. Through theatre, comedy, music, and movement, we aspire to tell stories that: thoughtfully honour and celebrate our roots and history, explore our identities as Filipinas, represent the narratives of the Philippine diaspora in an inclusive and respectful way, and nurtures and unites community through joy and laughter.

They have won several awards, including the 2019 Steamwhistle Producers’ Pick at the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival, Best Newcomer at the Montreal Sketch Comedy Festival, the Second City Outstanding New Comedy Award and Patrons’ Pick at the 2019 Toronto Fringe Festival. They were featured in the “19 Asian Millennial Women You Should Know” listing by Cold Tea Collective, and in Spotify Canada’s “Need Women” campaign for Women’s History Month.

Individually, Tita Collective ​are: Ann Paula Bautista (Bad Hats Theatre’s Peter Pan), Belinda Corpuz (Factory Theatre’s Lady Sunrise), Ellie Posadas (Scarborough), Alia Rasul (Super Important Filipina Throughts), and Maricris Rivera (Short Dances).