Tony's Driving School: A woman with brown hair dressed like a man. She is in a suit jacket, white dress shirt and gold chain, and she has a greasy black moustache.

Tony’s Driving School by Boy Girl Party

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Tony’s Driving School is a heartfelt journey of one man and his dream to bring car wisdom to his community. The lives he’s touched, the dashboard confessionals he’s heard, the emotional gas tanks he’s filled, and most importantly the lessons they’ve all learned.

Nooooo…Actually, it’s just a silly sketch about a silly man. Jk lol roflmao.

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Premiered in DIY Sketch Showcase on March 24.

Creative Bio:

Thrown together by circumstance, Boy Girl Party is a sketch troupe created by Tamlynn Bryson, Melanie Dahling, Damien Doepping & Chili Davidson. The group met in 2019 when participating in Outlaugh Toronto: an intense, Survivor-style comedy competition held at The Social Capital Theatre. Alliances were built, eliminations were made, and when the dust settled, the four realized they made a pretty great team. Together they’ve created many sketches, debated many silly topics, and kept each other buoyant during the recent unpleasantness. Boy Girl Party is pleased as punch to bring their brand of funny to Toronto SketchFest 2022.