TRIPTYCH SKETCH FIESTA: A man dressed in green presents stills from the three sketches in the video: Gorilla Pills, King of Crocs, and Helium. Respectively, they show: a man in shock, a jaunty, smiling man, and a nervous-looking guy in a beanie.


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THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU if you like weird and dirty absurdism, shot with some neat filmmaking techniques.

Here, there’s three sketches which get progressively more comprehensible: One about a gorilla, one about Crocs, and one about helium. Have a gander.

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Premiered in DIY Sketch Showcase on March 24.

Creative Bio:

Bad Machine is James Jordan, a Toronto-based comic, improviser, writer, musician, voice and regular actor / douche. He’s performed with The Second City, you might’ve seen him on TV or in internet ads for Oat Milk, or heard him as the voice of a number of cartoon characters in a whole bunch of on-screen and online stuff. He regularly livestreams himself acting rambunctious while improvising music from scratch based on audience topics. Check him out on Twitch, YouTube, and Reddit. He is desperate to be loved.