Unorganized Crime: A black and white photo in noir lighting of three men from the 1930s in gangster suits and fedoras lined up beside each other as they look out a pub window with mischievous looks.

Unorganized Crime by Dublin Comedy TV

(New York)
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Unorganized Crime is a parody of a classic crime noir. It includes grammatical plays on words reminiscent of Abbott & Costello’s “Who’s on First?” with some adult humour sprinkled into the mix.

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Premiered in UR WEIRD: Genres on March 26.

Creative Bio:

Dublin Comedy TV is an international comedy brand featuring well-established Irish comedians from the Dublin Comedy Improv including Joe Rooney, Ian Coppinger, Sharon Mannion, Paul Tylak, Danny Kehoe, Graeme Singleton, Michelle Read, Kevin Gildea, and Michelle Costello. Productions include absurd sketches, satirical shorts, live variety shows, music video parodies, and a nostalgic sketch podcast called DiCtv Radio that aired weekly on Chicago Comedy Scene Radio. The final episode of the first season of DiCtv Radio featured a musical titled “Sticky Summer” which is a raunchy pandemic parody of Grease and West Side Story that is now being developed into a live musical.

Dublin Comedy TV has won multiple awards including Best Irish Sketch and Best Composing for “Captain Tiny Hands” at the Dublin International Comedy Film Festival and Best Music Video for “Sock Garters” at the London Worldwide Comedy Film Festival.

Podcasts can be found under DiCtv Radio and sketches can be found on social media @dublincomedytv. Dublin Comedy TV was created by Antoinette Scherer, Joe Rooney, and Ian Coppinger and is directed and produced by Antoinette Scherer.