Vaccinate Me: A woman being squirted in the face with multiple vaccines.

Vaccinate Me by Chrissy Sharma


A pop anthem encouraging everyone to get vaccinated. Get your vaccines, folks. (Steamy experience not always included.)

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Premiered in Sketch Smorgasbord on March 23.

Creative Bio:

The team at Toronto Sketch Comedy showcases sketch comedy from all over Toronto, hosting competitions and events to support the local comedy scene and providing opportunities for performance artists. TSC is a collective of comedians coming together for one common goal: to make people laugh.

Vaccinate Me was directed, produced and edited by Peter Cheema (who also plays the masked man) and Taylor Hreljac (who also plays the doctor). This dynamic duo are the comedic brains behind TSC. Vaccinate Me was created and written by local comic Chrissy Sharma (who is clearly a little too turned on by vaccines as the lead in this sketch), with support from everyone on the team. Special thanks to actor and musician David Hudon for the beat and comedian and vocalist Meredith Mullen for backup vocals.