Walks With Karen: A woman in a pink visor hat, pink tank top, pink sunglasses and a pink flip cellphone outside for a walk.

Walks With Karen by LDM


A lover of Low-Fi and nosey b*tches, LDM presents ‘Walks With Karen’. In one of her classic characters, LDM encapsulates your classic neighbourhood-watch moms with a pill-popping twist.

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Premiered in Sketch Smorgasbord on March 23.

Creative Bio:

Whether she slid into your L-DMS or you saw her dancing on the streetcar, LDM (aka Laura Del Maschio) is a Toronto-based Writer, Improviser, Standup, and Sketch Comedian ready to make you laugh. You can catch her on stage with the Improv Troupe ‘The Kids’ Table’ or in various Low-Fi sketches online, where she plays everything from a Homicidal Birdwatcher to Toronto’s Premiere TV Mechanic. Laura is born creative and collaborator that is truly born to live, laugh and love… sour patch kids. LDM promises to always be silly for as long as she lives…. however long that may be… she’s pretty reckless.