Black and white photo of Whyte Wyne and Young Riesling, both holding wine glasses while looking into the camera (Inspired by Neil Young Live At Massey Hall 1971).

From The Wynery by Whyte Wyne and Young Riesling

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“From The Wynery” is an intimate look into the jam space and all around chill-zone of Wine-inspired rappers Whyte Wyne and Young Riesling. Using the creative juices cultivated and fermented during the pandemic, Wyne and Riesling share a set that features a sample tasting of some new compositions and a full-bodied pour of some fan-favourites.

Creative Bio:

In this short set, you will see the works of Whyte Wyne and Young Riesling. Also known as Calwyn Shurgold (Orphan Black and Ming’s Dynasty) and Antony Hall (Ming’s Dynasty). They will be accompanied my their DJ and producer, Mr. Matt Dailey.

This set was filmed on location at The Wynery (Calwyn’s Garage) by Martin Bennett (Founder and Creative Director of Unknown Error Films)